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1965 Riviera front end components


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Deer or ditch?  Next time take the deer.


I have reading and gleaning information for a couple years but now I really need some help.


Waiting for a  review of the damage by my local body guy to see if we are in the repair or replace mode.  Thought I would be a little pro active and start investigating the availability of front end components.  Below is a listing of some of the damaged parts and a few pictures.


LH-RH front fenders

PS clam shells

Upper and lower front bumpers

Painted piece behind the bumper and below the grill


possibly lower chrome turn signals


Again, just fishing at this point but looking to see what is out there available.  I live in northern lower Michigan but am willing to drive some to pick up larger parts that wouldn't ship well like the fenders and bumpers.


Any input is greatly appreciated


Thanks, Mike






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Thanks for the reply Gene.  I'll definitely keep you in mind as I progress on my journey.  Philly wood be do able for me drive wise as long as the weather was decent.  Looks like you have a garage door project going there.  Good luck and be careful with those springs!



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On 12/10/2020 at 1:54 AM, Bill Stoneberg said:

Mike,  you were smart to take the ditch. A deer can and will do major damage to a vehicle.  Between me and my wife we have 3 deers and 1 coyote.



Sorry about your car but glad you are OK.

I agree. Many years ago I ran parts for a Ford dealer. Most of what they sold was for deer damage repair. Seen cars that looked like they had a head-on with another car. 

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