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What is the difference between the Members Album Category and the Members Gallery-Main?


It appears the new Members Gallery side bar reflects new Gallery posts from the Members Gallery-Main. Since it appears more members post to the Members Album Category , 13 pages compared to 3 in Members Gallery-Main, shouldn't just maybe the side bar should reflect new posts to it, the Members Albums. 

Just an observation and suggestion for consideration of possible tweaking...






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Had time to look into this yet Peter, if so any thoughts. I think swapping from the Members Gallery-Main, to the Members Albums (with more posts) would help prevent the Gallery side bar from becoming "stale" as it currently has been. I'm seeing a couple of newly posted and interesting Gallery Members Albums that would have been highlighted had the software been set to reference new posts to the Members Albums vs the Main. My initial question was "What is the difference between the Members Album Category and the Members Gallery-Main?"  If no significant difference, perhaps they could be merged into one Members Albums Category?    I'm just trying to bring more members attention to and promote the use of the Gallery and think that the sidebar if done right could help with that. But if perhaps the Gallery  isn't of much priority of this forum, just tell me and I'll not bring it up any more.

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