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1958 Plymouth Fury Like in the movie "Christine" Beautiful Car! For Sale

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This is a very nice car that is pretty rare to find. I have the description below along pictures and video.  Priced at $71,480  Hope you guys enjoy seeing this one!


1958 Plymouth Fury. This lovely and rare car is a combination of fine originality and quality restoration. It looks and drives wonderfully. Motor is responsive, but quiet. The steering and handling is great. It is brand new inside with NOS material used for that showroom look. Engine compartment is nice and clean. The body is very straight, with only some minor exceptions. The trim, chrome and weather stripping is in excellent condition. Glass is also in excellent condition. Dash pad, dash, door panels, instruments, gauges, clock, radio, heater and knobs are all just excellent. Paint is decades old, but still shines and looks great. Paint is not with some scratches, but retains a great shine and should last for many years to come. To drive this car is like going back in time. This is the one you have been looking for. Just like the car used in the movie ''Christine''. Make this one yours toady before this unbeatable deal is gone.
FaceTime walk around are available! Shipping Available!
 * FREE LOCAL DELIEVERY * Call for details.
PLEASE CALL US AT : 763-355-5511 www.DrukAutoSales.com  **
Fill out finance application and see our huge inventory selection at www.DRUKAUTOSALES.com
Druk Auto Sales     
8000 Highway 10 NW
Ramsey, MN 55303
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On 12/9/2020 at 6:53 PM, Matt Harwood said:

Nice to see one in the original color. Red wasn't available but so many have been repainted to match the movie car (which I believe was a Belvedere hardtop anyway). Buckskin Beige was the only way you could get a 1958 Fury.




I believe your comment would have been correct for the 1957 Fury, available only in certain options.

With "Badge Engineering", in 1958, all Plymouth models moved up one nameplate.

Fury became Sport Fury in 1958

Belvidere became Fury

Savoy became Belvidere

Plaza became Belvidere

The Plaza name did not return for the 1958 model year


It was 1957 that the beige Fury wore anodized gold within the side trim, and in that year, was the only Plymouth model where the upper trim stainless bar kicked up toward the fin. DFor the 1958 model year, the line followed in the "lesser " Fury, a step below the (now) Sport Fury.


In September 1956 I pleaded with my father to buy the (real) Fury but a top of the line 2-door hardtop was out of the question. His very first new car, ordered that day, was a 4 door Savoy sedan, black and white with white roof and the lower body in black with the lower portion in white below the "Sportone", 301 ci V8 and 2-speed Power-Flyte plus the usual other options.

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That's the 59 models when everything changed, though I imagine they hit the lots sometime in 58.


58 (and earlier) Furies were a one color option top-of-the-line car. The big change from 57 to 58 was the introduction of the new "B/RB" Engine line.


The Fury in 57 came with a 318 engine with dual four barrels. In 58 you could still have the 318 with dual 4 barrels (like this car has), or a 350 cubic "B" engine with dual 4 barrels, or a 350 cubic inch "B" engine with Bendix Electrojector fuel injection. I doubt many made it out the door with fuel injection.



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