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fs 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

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I can still see the corner of the 500k SR  😁.


The Silver Wraith was the top of the line RR chassis in the 1950s and should not be confused with the prewar version.   HP progressively got higher through the 50s with minor mechanical updates.    I believe ALL were coachbuilt.    You need to sit in one to understand the build quality.


I came home from the hospital as a baby in one,  and used it in my prom.  Wonderful driving cars,  silky smooth and VERY reliable.

Good luck with the sale.

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2 hours ago, West Peterson said:

Here's our Mulliner, showing the shifter






Nice.  I would give you a thumbs up but they are disabled for you.   I like the headlights.  The R100s were a special order on my dad's car which caused quite a commotion when the RROC called them an owner add on in the magazine.   Big Al didn't take too kindly to that.



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Thanks. So my next question becomes how reliable are these cars or more pointedly, how much “routine” maintenance do these cars require? If a car like this is fully functional without having sat for months or years, what would be normal service requirements or expected costs to keep it from becoming a major money pit horror story that seems to be the myth/ truth of high end cars. 

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