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I believe it was Mr Earl that asked if I'd post about my project he saw on my Instagram (@55BuickSpecial).  I'll post some pics and will add some commentary here and there.  I know not everyone loves the LS in a Buick but it's what I wanted for this one. It's a sedan anyway and only had a half dead 264 in it so...


Front End.jpg

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So this was the beginning of the process.  Made a decent spot in the garage (wish I had a barn and a lift).  My friends and I pulled the Nailhead out.  Looking back I would've just pulled the hood right away but an "expert" told me I didn't need to.  This was true but not worth the hassle.  Fairly easy with enough hands to put it on and off.  I had a little nest egg saved up and planned on spending 15k to do the updates I wanted. I got what I thought was a killer deal on the car at $4,900 so 20 all in for a very fun car seemed reasonable.  I'm fairly frugal on my daily drivers (all 20ish years old) so no car payments 🙂

I picked up a 2008 6.0L LY6 along with a 6L90e trans from a Chevy 2500HD that was on eBay but was from a semi-local boneyard so fairly reputable and good ratings.  The truck only 60k on it when it was totaled so the motor was in very decent shape.  


More to come as I get time.









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On 12/7/2020 at 7:37 PM, Tonys55 said:

I got what I thought was a killer deal on the car at $4,900


I'll SAY!!!!!  Looks like you've got a good crew helping!!   Thanks for sharing!!

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