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Head Identification ? NORS 1929-32 Aftermarket ?


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ok, i recently got my hands on a head, supposedly it is a aftermarket head for 1929-32 Chevrolets. there are NO casting numbers or markings that i can find. It looks like a 1929-32 head.


This looks like a NORS, no signs of use or wear.


Things that i noticed that were odd...
1-there is a TAP on the front water jacket, where the temperature sensor would mount on a 1929 & it has a tap in the right rear near cylinder 6 where the temperature sensor for a 1930-32 would mount. I validates the threads and yes the fittings fit.
2-the valve openings are not all equal.  i roughly measured the ID of the valve opening. all of them measure 1.21 except for cyl 2-3 exhaust & cyl 4-5 exhaust which were 1.08
3-few round casting points on the top area, small round protrusions probably from casting gates/risers/runners overall cavity has a gently slope to the return tube area.


i took a ton of pictures, and a few are linked to the post. also played with my borescope that i have, and looked in the waterways and ports. even shot a few videos.


one thing i did notice was that there are still a lot of joint flash (casting fins) where the two part mold was together for the sand casting. you can see that in the waterway pictures. along with cobwebs :) figured if the head was actually used these areas would be the first to wear/break down in water via corrosion.


overall it looks to be truly an NORS head, aftermarket since there are NO Chevrolet casting marks on it, it a little different then my 1929 and 1930 head. 


Link to all the pictures & videos i shot of the head: 1929-31 NORS Head PIctures-Videos


I have posted this on VCCA as well for the Chevrolet Guys insight, posted hear for those that are not members or visit the VCCA chat site.


















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I may send it to the shop that did my 1929 head or the one with the Engine and have them clean it up and then magnaflux it to validate it is good.

looks to be a great head for a rebuild or such. figure clean and chase all threads, have it machined flat to be safe and ensure a seal on the head gasket to block, do a valve job on it. then should be good to go !!

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