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Looking for info.

Sir R

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Looks like a solid truck. What kind of info are you looking for?


The L 170 shown a GVW of 16,000lb. Yours shows 19,000 lb  so it is made to haul a larger load than the 170. I do not know what the difference is but I would guess supension. There were lots of models of the 170 series made as International made many configurations for many purposes. It is also Canadian so rhat may make a difference also.  It should be a 1949 to 1951  It shows to have the 269 engine which was the larger of the engines offered 














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The previous owner told me his father who bought it at a state auction ( provincial-Canada) 15 yrs ago and it used to be a type of firetruck? If what you guys are saying is that it heavier suspension and bigger motor that would make sense probably some sort of pumper truck?


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