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1911 Baker Electric Light Truck Model O chassis. FS

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1911 BAKER ELECTRIC LIGHT TRUCK  Model O chassis for sale.  Model # OE 11285   Lot # 138  2000 lb. rating.  EXTREMELY RARE.  I Saved it from the scrap yard.

The wood spokes, wheel rims and solid rubber tires can be replicated. A simple wood flat bed and phone booth style cab could be constructed to resemble service bodies correct for the period.

All new power and control components are available.  Serious fabrication skills would be necessary as well. New electric trucks will soon be available and tours for vintage electrics are a thing now. 

Please notify me of the whereabouts of other Model O Baker trucks. This may be the last survivor.  

I may offer to restore all or part of it for a buyer.  See pics of the 6th Milburn built and earliest known survivor that was restored in my shop. It is a 1915  

Best offer. Located in central Iowa 40 miles from both I-80 and I-35  

Thanks.     John      Phone 641 474 2313  home and shop land line   102_2295.thumb.JPG.11a61a2a1638d46ee6f3ac61077a4feb.JPG102_2293.thumb.JPG.ba2c942932f5a1d970df7325d161ca00.JPG


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