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Any one ID these lights and switches?


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One of the "switches" appears to be a cigarette lighter.  The lamps are aftermarket accessory items that are called "fender lights" designed to install on the fenders of 20s/30s automobiles.  When lit, they would clearly show the "edges" of the car. 


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As Terry said. Similar marker lights were available even as early as 1910, maybe earlier. A few jurisdictions in the country required such lights to be mounted on the fenders of parked cars within their cities. The two I know of are District of Columbia, and parts of New York city. I know there were others.

A lot of these small lamps had green and red lenses to mark the left and right (port and starboard) sides of the car. Some jurisdictions only required the left side of the car to be marked to be seen while parked in the dark, and in some areas marker lamps did not have to have the colored lenses. 

Similar lamps were also sold and used on small boats. I would imagine many lamps would have been used on either land or sea.

Such accessory lamps were sold in many areas that did not require them. Many were plated. Many were not.


Notice the small lamp on the rear fender in the photo.


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