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Dating my ‘22

David Marshall

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From other like requests seems little date data on Flint-USA cars and less for GM Canada.  Is more info on "newer" cars

Best you can do is determine where your engine & chassis numbers fall between the start and end of production for your year - model

In June 2020 some one put the images below on the forum.

1928-1936 Canadian Data Book_pg 0 cover.jpg

1931-42 Buick data Canada.jpg

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On 12/4/2020 at 9:47 PM, David Marshall said:

Is anyone able to date precisely when my car was made.   It was imported to New Zealand from Canada. And right hand drive. 
( the photo is upside because we are in New Zealand, actually I’m not sure why the photo did that. )




The Model denotes a 1922 model 35.  That is a 4 cylinder touring car. I  don't think the serial number will date it any closer unless you have the range of numbers, then you can guesstimate,

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