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1921 Luverne FireTruck with 6cyl Continental


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I am looking at purchasing a 1921 Luverne Firetruck with a 6cyl, Continental.  The only thing holding me back is that a few parts are missing.  The Engine number is 9N49309, I could not find any other numbers on the tag.  It is missing the intake and the carburetor and the cooling fan.  Are things like this available and how would I go about finding them?  Thanks for your time.

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Well, that's a little like asking How High Is Up???

Seriously, the place to start with obsolete Cont'ls is Monte's Eqpmt, obsolete Cont'l parts dealers par excellance..

Send all info on tag to Garrad (Jerry/Gerry) Moon at Montes...

garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com......they may have parts, they will have advice and sympathy....

Carbs and fan rigs can be Mickey-Moused, but the manifold...

If that is a 9N, it's a solid head (no separate cylinder head), part of a "family" of 6N, 7N.,8N, 9N, 10N amd 11N. listed as taking one set of gaskets in a 1930 gasket catalog, BUT among the very few gaskets listed are Exh mfld LARGE and Exh mfld SMALL...

These do not appear to've been highly popular engines; there is some limited piston assembly, valve and bearing sharing in the family...I will do a little eyeballing in old parts catalogs for installations in other makes that might be helpful...

How to find parts?? When you know exactly what engine, and maybe who d

OOPS--you said INTAKE; sorryelse used it, you start asking around forums like this one; fire truck forums are also a good bet, and there's also the profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers...with sympathy,  Bud

OOPS---you said INTAKE; sorry

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Here are some makes using both the 7N and 9N that I believe have clubs/Facebook groups and such that you can contact for info if you in fact have a 9N (which seems likely)...Auburn,, Case (the tractor people also built cars), Jordan, Marion Handley, Lexington, Moon,Overland (Willys-O), Roamer, Velie, and Sayers & Scoville, who built funeral cars (there're websites for funeral cars, hearses etc). With luck you'll turn up other 9N owners who can advise re' parts, idiosyncrasies, etc.. It's also quite probable that car manifolds may be different from truck/fire truck manifolds...

(2) Re' maifolds: if your manifold is just damaged, it might be salvageable. A lot of Ag eqpmt sits most of the year; mice love to nest in manifolds, and their urine rots the iron, so Ag people have created a sub-industry of repairing/rebuilding/fabricating new manufolds...if can't find one consider repair...

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