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Reo distributors for sale


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I found a pair of North East Electric Co. distributors at an estate sale. I thought they were from a Dodge but a friend  has an old catalog and found that they fit a Reo. I have two complete ones (one is missing the gear) and a third shell. Extra rotors, parts etc. included. 
The part #s are as follows; model # T and type # 10400-A-6. Hope somebody can use them. I saw a set of points for these going for more than I’m asking for the whole lot. $100 plus shipping, thanks.





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I am having a difficult time navigating this site. I can’t even figure out how to log off LOL. I don’t see a message or PM icon either. I am a long time car guy and a member of the Hamb. I’m not trying to scam anyone, just thought I would post these where someone might be able to use them. Cheers

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58 minutes ago, cessnaflyer said:

hi !!!

if you still have the distributors for sale please text me at 206 551 9256.i will respond after 3 pm as i work at night . 

thank you 


They have been sold.

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