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Torque - Buick wheel bolts


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Today I mounted the wheels on the car and then scrubbed off the blue protective film from the sidewalls. To my surprise, on three of four tires I found indelible, ugly blemishes. See attached pics. Tomorrow I'll be discussing this with Lucas Tires. Infuriating.

Shields Buick Tire Example 5.jpg

Shields Buick Tire Example 4.jpg

Shields Buick Tire Example 3.jpg

Shields Buick Tire Example 2.jpg

Shields Buick Tire Example 1.jpg

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Once you have resolved the blemish problem with your vendor you can try some wet #800 sandpaper on them. I have a third of a sheet of sandpaper in the bucket when I clean white walls along with a plastic bristle hand brush. I still use Westley's. The new formula works fine. The sandpaper removes curb scrubs and gets into the edge really good.



And using a jack stand when washing whitewalls, there's being anal about stuff for you.

BTW washing whites is the only thing I use a hose and water for.

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Sometime during storage  the black part of a tire was touching the white.  Don't count on getting it off since it is deep in the white.  Be sure the vendor pays for mounting and balancing  when they replace.  Hopefully you or the tire shop did not do this.  Lotsa luck!

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