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1926 G 70 wiring

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7 hours ago, Spalchanes said:

I am looking for a complete wiring harness for a 1926 chrysler G 70. I called Rhode Island wiring but they only had a wiring harness for a 1927 finer G70. Any suggestions?

Did you try "YnZs"?

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The 1927 Finer 70 is a carry over of the 1926 G70. The early production 1927 Finer 70 has a capillary type gas gage and sender, working the same as a 1926 G70, the later 1927 Finer 70 had an electric gas gage and sender unit.

 I think the Finer 70 wiring should be the same as a 26 G70, but may contain extra wires for the gas gage. 


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