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1924 (?) Chrysler Engine Number Decoding & Cylinder Head Repair


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Hello from Austria!


We received a 1924 Chrysler Roadster with a boattail (which I guess is not original) in my workshop yesterday.

The engine has a cracked cylinder head. Our predeccors tried to weld the crack, which did not workout.

If we cannot find a replacement cylinder head, we will probably be able to repair the head with an "insert plate". This worked fine on other pre-war L-heads we repairde in the past.


My questions:

- Can anyone help to decode the engine block cast number to make sure which engine we are dealing with?

- Are there any sources for a matching NOS or re-casted head?


Any tips and hints highly welcome.




PS. Pictures of engine, head and block casting attached.


1924 Chrysler Cylinder Head 1.jpg

1924 Chrysler Cylinder Head 2.jpg

1924 Chrysler Engine Block Cast Number.jpg

1924 Chrysler Engine left.jpg

1924 Chrysler Engine right.jpg

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Hi Otto,

 Your motor block and head looks identical to my G70, however your block casting number is 53951-2 and mine is 53951-3, this may be as a result of numerous molds used at the factory.  Neither of these casting numbers come up in the pre 34 Chrysler parts book. Please look on the top of the timing chain cover for a motor serial number, this will make it easier to identify your motor.

 Also look on the dashboard and see if it has a fedco plate, if the fedco plate is there look very closely for the hidden numbers and letters for the car serial number. If the car was built in 1924 or 25 it probably will not have a fedco plate, but instead there should be a manufacturers plate on the firewall with the cars serial number.

 I also noticed that most of the casting number on the head has been ground away by the welders, however one number is visible but not readable in your pictures, this one digit may help to find a part number, as there were several head casting numbers in these early years




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Hi Viv and 28 Chrysler, 


thank you very much for your quick response and support!

I checked for the numbers. 

Number on the top of the timing chain cover is G146555

Casting number on the cylinder head is 628

Pictures including fedco plate on the dashboard and the complete car attached.





1924 Chrysler cylinder head casting number.jpg

1924 Chrysler Engine number on timing chian cover.jpg

1924 Chrysler fedco plate 1.jpg

1924 Chrysler fedco plate 2.jpg

1924 Chrysler right front.jpg

1924 Chrysler right rear 1.jpg

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 The car is an early 1927 G70 series, both the motor and the Fedco numbers fall into this category. 

 Looking through George Damman's book, 70 years of Chrysler, the 1924/5 B70 Chryslers had a bore of 3inches, this motor was redesigned in 1926 with a 3 and 1/16 bore and the 1927 motor was a carry over from 1926.

 Looking thru the parts book, the part numbers for the cylinder head and its gasket are different on the B70 and G70. The heads may be interchangeable but I cannot confirm that. There are 2 part numbers for the G70 cylinder heads, 53948 being the standard one and 75616 being a red head. 

The number 6 28 is most likely the casting date for 28th of June, the other casting number has been mostly ground off where they have tried to weld it, look carefully as one number is still there and I think that digit is the first number, so probably either a 5 or a 7.

 Hope this helps



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Hello Viv and Keiser31 & the whole community,


thank you very much for the information you provided to me so far!

I am trying to find an older picture of the cylinder head, where the casting number is still visible. Not sure, if I will find the numbers on some pics. 


Is there a chance to find / buy a re-casted, NOS or good used cylinder head?


I would be very thankful for any tips and hints!


Best regards, 


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Hello again,

late Christmas Wishes from Austria to the whole community! Take care, stay healthy. 


I repaired the cracked cylinder head in the meanwhile. Laser welding did not work out perfect as the cast material is very old and porous. Still some minor leaking after laser welding. Therefore I installed an "metal plate cover" in addition.

I will bring the head to the engine shop for pressure testing next week again. Hopefully no more leaking. Fingers crossed. 

I will post some pictures of the repaired cylinder head once the job has been completed successfully.


Could anyone please advice regarding the torque specs when installing and fastening the repaired head?


I would still be interested in buying a good / not cracked head for the G70 engine. Any leads and recommendations highly appreciated and welcome. 


Best regards,


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Hello again to the Early Chrysler Community,


for all of you interested in: 

I repairded the cracked head. I had the crack laser welded, installed a "bandage" with heat resistent and flexible sealing and hat the head surface grinded. 

I installed the head yesterday and had the engine running for 30 minutes. Everything fine. No leaking, no overheating.

Attached is a picture of the repaired head. 


However, I would still be interested in purchasing a correct, non-cracked cylinder head. 

I learned from you, I need a a G70 cylinder head, # 53948 being the standard one or a # 75616 being a red head.


I will start a seperate post to search fo a fitting head. 


Thanks again, best regards & greetings from Austria, 



1926 Chrysler Cylinder Head  Repair.jpg

1926 Chrysler Cylinder Head 2.jpg

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