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My First Ford - 1930 Model A Tudor

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Replaced the main wire loom yesterday. Today, added connector terminals for the horn & tail / brake lights to mate with what's on the new harness. Pretty simple. Much more simple than the Studebaker, especially since this harness is split into several smaller / simpler sections. There's only 13 endpoints on the harness, not counting the center "starting point" that is inside the switch housing at the bottom of the steering column. 13 endpoints: each headlight has 3 (so 2 headlight connectors = 6 of the 13 points), horn is 2 more, generator output is 1, brake light switch is 2, and brake/tail light is the other 2. That's it. The headlight connector insert that clocks the 3 terminals in each connector is marked with "R" "G" "Y" for red, green, yellow, so you know which wire goes in which point in the connector.

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