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Looking for 1916-24 Daniels automobile owners and parts. Leads?

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A guy named Bob Brown ran a three day tour for years out of Defiance, Ohio. Their was a young couple with a bunch of kids on the last tour in a 1920’s Daniel. Their name was Daniel and he was in the construction business I believe in Tiffin, Ohio. This was about 7 years ago. I think the car had a V8 and was very cool. I seem to remember the guys father had bought the car years before. 


Tom Muth

Cincinnati, Ohio

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A considerable number of tears ago a company (R L Polk??)  published registration info by State; I remember looking in a quite large book in California that had a section for orphan cars (we were looking for other local Hupp owners)..

Anything like that still available with all the datamining going on???

And you could try posting inquiries on places like Craigslist that have national search options...

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