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1931 Marmon, not mine

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Outside of the cost to rebuild the drive train, and maybe suspension and brakes. The rest is just the same as any other car. Painting a Marmon front fender would be the same as a Ford, Hudson, Dodge or Nash front fender. Chrome cost, interior and body/paint would be pretty standard prices. I think it is a very impressive sedan, and if the car is solid and complete. It would make a great project. If it is missing parts. I bet those are hard to find.

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I like it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Xander and A.J.

Interesting enough, the Peerless Sales Department instructed their dealers that the Peerless Model A, or Standard Eight of 1930-1931 was aimed at a buyer who might otherwise buy a Hupmobile 8, Studebaker 8, Nash 8(Mod. 79), or a Marmon 8(Mod. 69).

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