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48 v12 Cylinder head washers.?

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Getting all the parts ready to install cylinder heads. I have all the nuts. When I looked up for what washers I needed, this is what I found in the parts book.


Part #351428  S7 

I looked the part up   it read 7/16 (3/16 x 1/8) Special Plain Washer  What is special about these Washers.?



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I was thinking lock washer but I noticed that they do spell out different type of washers when required.

351448 special spring washers

351459 special flat washers

351469 spring washers

I am going to use plain stainless ones


C Douglas

Johnson Jr.


I was looking at Page #83 & 322 and there is nothing indicating what type of metal the part is used on.



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I have the May 1946 Chassis Parts and Price list and the washers are listed as 351428-S7 which are cad plated washers.


They are not listed as a special washer in this catalog, but they are listed in the Special section of the Standard Parts Catalog. Parts in this section of the catalog are not standard hardware store parts, they have dimensions that vary from the standard hardware of the era. The dimensions of 351428-S7 are: inside diameter 29/64"; outside dia. 29/32"; thickness 7/64"



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On 12/1/2020 at 10:57 AM, Matt Harwood said:

Restoration Supply sells special heavy chrome washers that are $4.00 each. Yikes!


Matt......4 dollars to wash a car today is a very fair price! 👍

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The only thing special about these washers is they are thick.  That's to allow for better torque. And whether or not they were originally on the heads, it's good to have them as you can certainly torque the nuts to the head studs (45-55#) better than just nuts alone!  I would use stainless steel thick washers as they won't rust and can be removed easier if the heads ever need to come off.  

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