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Can't adjust temperture stuck on high

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1 hour ago, David White said:

Hello thanks for the tip on cleaning the buttons, but I could not find it on Ronnies site, It is probably me not phrasing, can anyone tell me how to type it in?

it right

Try again. Look at the top control bar and click on the "How to" section. Then click on "Heat and A/c" you will see it drop down and then you can click on control panel cleaning.

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I have had to do the cleaning a couple of times in more than 25 years of ownership. Needs to be done when you lose a function or two on the climate control. In my case I can only make the temperature go down, not up 😣 

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Much easier way-------

Take a pencil with an eraser or just use your finger and punch the bad button sort of hard. This usually dislodges the dirt and it will start working again.


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