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Doers anyone know this 1924 Buick in New Hampshire

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This Buick appears for sale on many sites that seems as scams set up to skim a buck from sales (davesclassiccars etc.), but none have links to the actual seller (or phone numbers for that matter). 


Does anyone here know this car, if it is really for sale and if so, who the seller is? Thanks.





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 I believe this is same car 1924-49. Found on the Horseless Carriage Club site

   Skowhegan, Maine,

 14355.jpg 1924 Buick 7 passenger touring recently enjoyed:

  • Expensive engine rebuild
  • New honeycomb radiator
  • New front end parts
  • New brakes
  • 5 new tires, tubes and flaps
  • Re-plated radiator shell
  • New shiny black paint on hood and fenders

Make this strong running Buick yours for $16,800



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There is an experienced early car dealer in Maine that can inspect the car for a fee. And help you verify ownership. When in doubt.......get help!

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