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48 Lin v12 Oil Guage

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With the engine in. I just started to install the intake manifold when I looked at the oil Gauge and was wondering if it was installed the right way. I had installed a MELLING 19 Pump and had made all the necessary changes to the pan. I can lift it up and down  and it stops as shown in the photo.  





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           Just changed the oil and filter  of my '48 LC Coupe.  I added 4 qts. of oil  and started up to let it warm up again. I got it good and warm before draining old oil.  Topped off  oil  after shutting down. The new filter will    take almost a qt.  Is your float in good shape and does not leak?  Does your pan have  a correct  "cage" for the float to travel in?   Last, was the float rod ever altered? That is , correct

length?---  Larry

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I have raised the float up and down many times and I could hear it hit the bottom of the pan. but did it go in it's proper slot. That I don't  know and by looking at the height it sits without oil in the pan I thought I would post the question.


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