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1940 Plymouth Convertible interior photo(s)

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I am wanting to replace the non-original interior in my 1940 Plymouth P10 Convertible. Does anyone out there have an unrestored p10 convertible with the original interior intact? I would really appreciate any photos you might be able to provide. Any help or guidance is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Nice car Bruce !


I have exactly the same problem with my 40 Dodge convertible.

(So other than being sympathetic, and wishing you complete success,

I'm kind of useless to you. Can't send you pics of an original interior...)


A couple of years ago a nice man in NY sold me a SPLIT seat from a 39 Ply.

I thought, that's as close as I will get to my 40 Dodge split seat and bought it.


Difficulty is, I need to buy the "two legs" that adjust the seat 'back and forth'

so that the seat frame sits up off the floor !


If someone has two such 'seat legs' (each side) that I could buy- I'd certainly

appreciate hearing from them !


So Bruce, watch that YOU buy a complete seat (unlike me) !



70 five  8 three 5-53 five 0

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Fortunately I have the seat I need. What I am not sure of is the proper stitching on the seat covers and the door panels. You may already know this, the floor of the convertible is raised nearly 4" to accommodate the subframe therefore the side panels of the convertible seat are shorter than the coupe or sedan seat. The convertible seat track is also flat and not inclined like the coupe or sedan. I do think the coupe/sedan split seat could be modified to work if needed20201129_185835.thumb.jpg.f4d14bbf2e652879e08e14c74e75c0ac.jpg. I have attached a couple of pictures of what I am 20201129_185824.thumb.jpg.4fa6b29545bdae7660f860f1234fd263.jpg20200105_143439.thumb.jpg.6bf50da6b94c97d1cafa46380bdbfe1b.jpgtalking about. The seat with the mohair is from a coupe. 

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Thank You for your reply Bruce !


Nice seat !!

(And yep, I see those "feet" (or whatever they are called) poking out beneath your nice seat. That's what I need, "feet".  Good for you to have such a nice seat.  That's the biggest thing in the interior !!)


Below is an article on a 40 Dodge convertible.  Difficulty is that I don't know if the Plymouth interior is close, the same, or utterly different.  Ugh ! Sorry...




These are some pics I saved, but are they really original ??




1940 Ply Seats 2 .jpg

1940 Pl;y Seats 4 .jpg

1940 Ply Seats 3 .jpg

1940 Ply Seats 6 .jpg

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I think the second one looks right. I have seen this pattern on another restored car. If anyone has an original, I would still like to see it. I will be taking the seat out of my car later this week and will post some pictures of the seat tracks. From what I can see the tracks are the same for all cars. The difference is in the feet/legs.

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Thank You for your reply Bruce !

Your right.  As I was typing my reply, posting a few pics etc.

I thought I was being silly, in thinking any of it could help you.


However, that was my hope - that you had seen something similar

in another 40 Ply - then the only explanation for the similarity is that

its either an original interior - or a copy of an original interior.


There'd be no other explanation for the similarity.


I'd appreciate pics of the seat-feet or 'legs' whenever you can.  If you ever see a set of these that can be bought, I'd appreciate your letting me know.  (Its not going to well for me up here finding anything at all...)




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These are photos of the seat tracks in my 40 Plymouth convertible. If I happen to come across another set I will let you know. As I said, the sliders appear to be the same as other similar vintage. You might be able to modify the legs/stands to lie flat like these.. 





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Thank You Bruce !!


The pics you provided are more helpful than you know, in a number of ways...   Thank You again !


I never had the correct seat for my car. Plus a 1940 Dodge seat, convertible or otherwise seems 'not to be found' here in Canada. I wanted any front split seat, 1940 Dodge or Plymouth, and the closest I could find after years of looking was a 39 Plymouth split seat from a 2 door sedan. (I found it in upper state NY.)


It does not have tracks like yours. Its a seat which sits higher than yours.  Your pics make that clear.

The 39 seat has 'taller' legs than what is shown in your pics. I never knew really what I was looking for,

now, with your pics, I have a MUCH better idea.  And its of the CORRECT seat at long last.


Of course that still does not get me either the seat or the legs that go with it, but now, with your pics

I have an idea what I'm actually looking for (for the first time).


Eventually Bruce, if its not asking too much, I'd appreciate your measuring the seat width.

If this were possible with the tape measure on the seat showing WHERE it measures the width you

provide - well that would be REALLY helpful, yet again !  Then I'd know the dimensions, if I ever see one.

I'd then know both legs and seat.  If you just cannot, well, fair enough.



Peter  < pdmudry@gmail.com >

PS.  Might you consider sending pics of your car ?  That would be a real treat !  I can send you pics of mine, with its flaws...  That's why I gave my e-mail address 2 lines back...

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