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Very rare, ran when parked, 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Amphicar

Xander Wildeisen

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Back in the late '70's or early '80's a guy in our town had a '68 Roadrunner, black, standard features. He had it sitting in front of his house with a pretty stiff price tag on it that I don't remember. It sat their quite a while, months. He said people were stupid and didn't know the value of it. One day he took a chop saw to it, cut it into pieces, and dropped it off at the dump.

Life is not always easy among the MoPar owners. Similar thing could have happened out there in Spokane.

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21 hours ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

Lots of old cars were used in Idaho to form the banks along rivers. I know a good fishing hole where you can get some good early 60's Buick trim/chrome.😀 I was told model T's were stacked on top of each other to form a wall/bank around an old dump. And then filled over with dirt.


I know a couple of places where there are old cars on the river bends around here. And rumor's of a few more. However I don't think this was the purpose of this one as there seems to already be a concrete bulkhead in place.

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I heard a rumour that gas Wells have been drilled and capped, and are just waiting. This came from a retired sheriff. He said that he has seen them. Not sure? I do know that the asset protection plan was just a funnel to move money into a trust. The operational agreements of the LLC's and Corporations were sent to the local news organizations. When I went into a independent news/paper. And started to tell them about this stuff. They guy said to me " you would accuse a State agency of lying" I said yes, because they did. He then said " sounds like that asset protection plan is your problem" when I went to the Secretary Of State to shut down that asset protection plan. That is when I found out it was filed illegally. And no agent on my LLC. This was done before I was told that it was my problem. I remember people coming out to the shop from the States largest news paper. Giving me a card, letting me know who to contact. If I wanted to leak information. Sorry to get off topic about buried cars and river banks. Still waiting Idaho.

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