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1935 International C-1

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Congratulations on your 35. That will be an interesting ride. Please post some pictures when you can and details on condition and your plans for it.

Most people on here will suggest you rebuild the original suspension. It was designed for your  vehicle and unless you plan to use it for other things than it was built for, it will work like it was designed to. Originality is the main goal of most people on these boards. Good luck on your project.


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I would love to see pics as I just bought a 35 binder as well .. I need to find info on rebuilding wood in doors and body .  




I'm from wadena MN text me at 218 402 0341 if have any parts or info I need. I just bought a interior panel kit outta canada for 360$ that could be copied by tracing.. Lol.  I located glass for 215$ for 3 windows I'm missing. I need a lr fender or pieces of 1 to rebuild my rusty original. Thanks for any help.. Just lost our 14 year old son Jacob last weekend and I was planning and buying/ stocking up last 14 years for father/son projects back 2 back till he was in his 40s. We are completely destroyed but I want to keep at em like he is there sanding and getting greasy with his dad.. I am so lost now my automotive brothers!


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I've got 4 boys, couldn't imagine what you're going through! Sweet IH, I say replace the wood with steel. My first build was a '73 Travelall its sitting on a '97 Dodge 4x4 2500 chassis, I was trying to get a '58 Travelall for my 14yr old but the owner wasn't budging on letting it go.

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Yeah I also have a 57 d200 on s10 chassis that needs finishing with fabrication work . a 58 chevy 3800 dumpbed. And many newer ones. I could tell Jacob had the gift/car sickness like I do but more advanced at 3 than I was at 15. He wanted to grow up and work on cars like his daddy. 

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