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Rebuilding my 1934 PE engine


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I’m starting the rebuild of my 1934 PE 201 engine, and with not much experience on this engine I would like to ask some questions:


1.       I have found the crankshaft seal the car has been using on the timing cover was of the rope type, but manual indicates cork and that is what comes with the gasket set I bought from Andy Bernbaum, is the rope seal a better alternative?, should I then look for a suitable rope seal? Or should I go with the cork?


2.       I’m confused about the sealing of main bearing at the end of the engine. Please see pics

I would think the small rubber “h” shape rubber piece should protrude from the main bearing cap and this protrusion should fit in the small cut at the end the oil pan gasket has, but the rubber finishes flush with the main bearing cup.

Is the “h”rubber part to short?, Is the gasket to short? Am I incorrectly locating the “h” rubber piece?


Thanks in advance for your comments and advice


IMG_9504 (1).JPG

IMG_9596 (1).jpg

InkedIMG_9940 (1)_LI.jpg

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Something to consider on the timing cover seal, If you happen to have a chain cover from a 1937-42 mopar laying around you could install that and use a modern neoprene type seal. You might have to relocate the timing mark tab. 

I am not sure about the main bearing seal. What you show looks right but I don't claim to be an expert.

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