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How to tell if my 1941 Buick Special is a 40A or a 40B


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All sedanets are Series 40B on a 121-inch wheelbase. The 40A cars were Chevy sedan and coupe bodies on a 118-inch wheelbase. Your car is either a model 46  (no back seat) or a 46S (with back seat). It's possible that it's a 46SSE, which has an upgraded Super interior but those are less common than believed. 

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I looked at the tag - its a 46S.  It does have the dual carbs on it - I started it today and drove it up and down the driveway before parking it again for the long winters nap.   


Here is a picture of me in the same car as an 11 year old... drivers seat!




Matt, I have spent many late nights reading your website... about 3 years ago.  Are you still making progress on your car?  I see your also into Fox Body's... I'm restoring an 83 Capri RS which was my first car and a 1983 Mustang with my 16 year old son as a father son project.


Any how - one final question.  I bought a spare hood for a 1941 Buick and for some reason its about 3/4 inch shorter in length then the original hood for the car (if you were looking at the car from over the top)... is this A vs B deal something that affects the hood too?

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Great story and a great car. That looks like a fun project. Being that it has been in your family for so long you probably have everything you need, except possibly the right hood? I have had my 1941 for 47 years and I have collected parts all of those years for it and of course have accumulated others to keep these good old girls on the road. Let me know if I can be of any help with question or parts? Thank you

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6 minutes ago, 1922bigsix said:

1941 Buick sedanets were made in both A series (118" wheelbase) and B series (121" wheelbase). 


Not true. The fastback sedanets were B-series only. The A-series consisted of three models: the 2-door coupe (44), 2-door convertible coupe (44C), and 4-door sedan (47), all with standard trunks and based on Chevrolet bodies.

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