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1933 Pierce Arrow 1236


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Does anyone know how to adjust the accelerator linkage on a V-12 Pierce-Arrow?  I don't think the linkage is opening up the carbs all of the way.




33 PA carb link at firewall.jpg

33 PA carb link 2.jpg

33 PA carb link.jpg

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The photo on left is the linkage coming out of the firewall. The photo in the middle is kind of in front of the carb, and the one on the right is the linkage from firewall to the carb crossover linkage. (see edit history)
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The Stromberg EX-32’s used on a Pierce have a special linkage that is specifically designed for heat expansion and carburetor synchronization. Post a photo of what you have from the floor board to the carbs including the choke set up. I should be able to help you out.

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