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Fluid Drive f 49 Coronet


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I recently picked up a motor (230) and trans from a 49 Coronet.  It is clearly a fluid drive as it had the large torque converter looking flywheel vs flat flywheel.  How do I identify specifically which one I have?  Most interested in knowing if it is one of those that has overdrive.



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There were 2 transmissions used on Dodges with fluid drive. One was a straight 3 speed, the other a 4 speed self shifter. The 3 speed was like any typical manual trans of the time, except for the extra long input shaft to accommodate the fluid drive and clutch assembly. The self shifting M6 transmission can be identified by the 3 electrical devices on the right side, a governor, a solenoid valve and a switch. The shifting is electrically controlled. The M6 is the same transmission used on DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial.

The fluid drive is one of the earliest efforts at an automatic drive. It is simple, rugged and reliable but requires a little expertise in maintenance and driving technique. The driving technique is simple once you know it, and the maintenance is easy and cheap.

I don't believe they offered overdrive with the fluid drive.

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