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1939 Buick Special Sedan. Very nice body, Nice Original interior and good paint with clean Paperwork


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My Dad Bought this project a number of years ago,  and though it actually didn't need alot,  was just never able to get to it. (He's 80 in a month and still works 60 hours a week) 

 It was a nice turn key car that the owner said developed a noise in the lower end, so he pulled the original engine out and was going to put a 350 Chevy in.  Fortunately he decided to move from NJ to FL and not take the car so he didn't get that far and the car went up for sale,  that's when my Father bought it. 

The man also had a 38 Cadillac I bought and drove for a little while then sold to my uncle that still has it.  He didn't have junky cars.

My Father is realizing he's never going to get to it at this point so he has decided to sell it.  

He has clear paperwork in his name. 

In his ownership it has always been stored inside as you can see by the condition of the interior and paint.  

The bumpers have all been nicely rechromed along with the guards and are still wrapped up in heated dry storage.   He has rechromed grilles as well and a beautifully restored nose piece that always seems to be smashed on these. 

He also has acquired 2 correct running engines.  They both run well.  The motor mounts have been rebuilt as well.  Brakes and tires were all new but it's been quite some time so they would need going through and good inspection.  There are a bunch of extra parts including a twin carb setup with a restored twin carb aircleaner.  

Someone with a little time and especially knowledge of these Buicks could probably have it together in fairly short order. The woodgraining on the dash and window moldings is very nice and original. 

The car is Much nicer than alot of the mouse nest piles I have seen out there.  The color is a pearl White so it's not technically correct but the car wears it quite well.  

The body looks very good,  but I haven't gone over it with a fine tooth comb so I don't know how clean it was before paint,  but from the looks of what I can see and I know of my father it was probably a very good car before the paint as he hates rust.

He has all parts not shown and I can get more photos if necessary.  These are his photos so they aren't quite as good as I would have taken.  These are fresh photos as the car sits today.

He's asking $7500 OBO for everything.

He might consider a turnkey decent 60's or older car or truck trade that doesn't need much of anything to drive.  Maybe even a little newer on the truck. Or if It's something I like we might be able to figure something out. 

The car is in Long Lake NY


You can call him directly at 518-727-2932

I may be able to answer some questions as well,  or relay a message but it will take a little longer to get a response.

You can forward any trade pictures to me as he doesn't have an email.













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