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1939 Buick 90 Shock Absorbers, Full set, Good Condition

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1939 BUICK SHOCK ABSORBERS, FULL SET, very good used condition.
complete set (4 front and rear)of Delco lever arm shock absorbers from 1939 Buick. Very smooth up and down action with no glitches or skips, no stuck spots. Feels like right amount of resistance. Proper action. Front shock number: 1948A, 125 FX. Rear shock number: 2103E.  Save $$ , rebuilt shocks cost $500 each! Bolt these up and enjoy the ride. 
             front pair $200, rear pair $150.  Full set, front and rear for $300.
       I can ship these by USPS flat rate (big savings). One set per box.

bck shoks.JPG

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