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1917 transmission teardown

Robert Engle

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I have acquired a 1917 D45 chassis which I got for spare parts.

I am disassembling the transmission to inspect the bearings.  I am unable to remove the rear output piece that the U joint attaches to.


I remove the nut and see that the piece is mounted on a square part of the tailshaft.  My largest 3 Jaw puller has not had any effect on removing this piece.


Any suggestions or advice are welcome.


By the way< I have a frame from this 1917 D45 that is in very good condition.  Anyone interested can have it at a very good price.  Located near Winchester VA.


Bob Engle



1917 trans_800x600.jpg

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The man that you want to talk to is Keith Townsend.  He is in Cary, North Carolina.  He is restoring a 1916 D-45.  He took the transmission from the car completely apart and went back with new bearings.  I will send you a Private Email with his contact information.  After cleaning the transmission up on my car a few weeks back, the bearings are as smooth as glass.  Flushed the case very thoroughly and set it back together.  When I got everything cleaned up, I remember thinking that it would take a pretty good puller to remove the output shaft flange.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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