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DC8 Rear Shock Absorbers

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I have a leaking rear lever type shock absorber and am having difficulty finding someone to rebuild them. Has anyone gone down the track of changing to newer conventional type shock absorbers and if so how and what did you use?

Thanks in advance


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4 hours ago, Ron Lawson said:

Cranky There is a guy on these forums by the name of Taylormade  and he is restoring an early 30s DB There is a great description on his restoration on how he rebuilt the Lovejoy shocks like yours


I need to do the same but I have to find the time to go through 48 pages to find it. 
Thanks Ron. 

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The shock rebuild starts on page 14 and finishes on page 15.  Sometimes, depending on the way you have your settings, your page numbers may not match up with mine.  Just in case, the posts were posted starting on January 24, 2015, so you can check the date posted to find them.  Let me know if you need any other information.  The rear shocks a slightly larger, but come apart and go together in exactly the same way as the fronts.

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