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'39 Ford Deluxe Wagon Parts Needed

Brendan M.

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I recently purchased a '39 Ford Woody Wagon that is missing a lot of parts.  I could use help finding the following:


  • Driver door wood
  • Latches for both rear doors
  • Hinge for passenger side rear door
  • Glass for both rear doors
  • All (4) pieces of glass retaining trim for the passenger side rear door
  • Top and bottom window channel for the double glass on rear door
  • Glass retaining trim for the front of the driver side rear quarter glass; This is the piece with the cut out section at the top that goes around the body to roof mount
  • Glass retaining trim for the bottom of the driver side rear door
  • Trim wood for tailgate
  • Tailgate latch
  • Good used Speedometer bezel
  • Both rear seats
  • Good used headlight trim rings and lenses
  • Good used hood stainless


I'd appreciate any help tracking these parts down.  I'd really prefer original parts vs reproductions.  I'm trying to preserve this vehicle vs restore it.



Brendan McHugh


(240) 772-7711

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Brendan, if you Google a company by the name of Treehouse Woods, they sell "woodie" parts, including some of the metal parts you need. I see by your area code that you are located in MD. As far as the wood parts I have my wood parts fabricated by Kline Family Workshop, in Manchester PA. I know they can fabricate the drivers door. A company called Restoration Specialties & Supply has the slider tracks for the rear windows and other trim parts. All the glass in your car is flat, so any auto glass company can supply it. Many of the other parts you are looking for are interchangeable with passenger car. I know you are looking for original parts but some of the things just aren't available. I would also join the National Woodie Club and the V-8 Ford Club of America, as both have magazines and web sites that have classified sections. You might also try Jeff Yeagle in PA, at mryeagle@gmail.com, as he has woodie parts for sale. Good luck in your search and keep us posted.

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