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FS - GM 838941 "Short Block?" For Sale

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Not sure if i am doing this correctly but our family closed their 4th generation Chevrolet dealership back in 1988. One thing that was kept was an engine block (at one time was still in original shipping crate). It always was and still is stored in a climate controlled environment. It is time for me to find a new home for it. It has pistons, rods, and crankshaft. (NO cam or lifters). Where should i post this to make a sale?? What is it worth? Please help - I don't want to see it go to the scrap metal yard. From the information i have obtained, it is a 216 cid, used in 1937 - 1939 model years. Thanks! davek104@hotmail.com 

2020 1124 721.jpg

2020 1124 720.jpg

2020 1124 722.jpg

2020 1124 719.jpg

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