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Stainless steel fastener galling

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It's called "galling" and will literally weld the nut and bolt together and will make it impossible to remove. I have been using stainless steel fasteners for over 50 years and the key is to use anti seize compound. When you remove it, the anti seize will remain under the nut so a dab on the threads or a squirt of oil will allow the nut to be removed. 

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You need to use nuts and bolts of two different blends. Stainless galls when the same blend, i.e. 304, is used together. Here is a segment taken from Wikipedia.


Galling can be mitigated by the use of dissimilar materials (bronze against stainless steel) or using different stainless steels (martensitic against austenitic). Additionally, threaded joints may be lubricated to provide a film between the two parts and prevent galling. Nitronic 60, made by selective alloying with manganese, silicon, and nitrogen, has demonstrated a reduced tendency to gall.[73]



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