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WTB 1931 Buick temperature gauge

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My temperature gauge in my 1931 Buick 8-86 is constantly reading 140 degrees F, even when cold. I haven't yet pulled the sensor from the manifold. I would certainly like to find a functional temperature gauge; are these available? Thanks!

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21 hours ago, edinmass said:

You send them out to be fixed. Not a big deal. Some people repair them at home. I have never tried. There use to be a guy in Hemmings ........”The temperature guage guy”

I took it out of the car, and it turns out the unit does work, but the needle is very sticky, likely from the very dirty looking mechanism. Something looks bent about the dial face, too. Doing some light cleaning and gently coaxing the needle does get it to move up to boiling, and back upon cooling. Hrm.



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