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Using original early carburetors

George King III

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George. We run an original Maxwell carburettor on our LD. It makes the car run well.

There is a restoration article by the late Vern Campbell in an earlier Horseless Carriage Gazette and an adjustment article by Tim Simonsma in the group.io forum which will help getting the carby repaired and adjusted. I can follow up with those documents if you need them.

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Good evening Frank --- Thank you for your reply.   I have a copy of the article by Tim Simonsma.  If you can send a copy of the Campbell article, I would appreciate it. 


Do you know if anyone has installed a venturi in their carburetors?  If they have I would like to talk to them about secondary air.  


Where are you located?   I am in Connecticut.


Thanks again. --- George




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On 11/29/2020 at 10:19 PM, George King III said:

That is excellent gentlemen --- What did you do for their restoration to make them work well?   Did you ever install a venturi in it to make the flow better?  --- gk3

Vern Campbell restored the carb and I readjusted it after use. Joe

I do have images of an aftermarket Zenith carb that worked on a friend H, if that could help you.




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