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1963 Pink Willy's Surrey Gala Jeep - DJ-3A


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OK, I can't explain it, so I won't try, but I've always kinda liked these little Surrey Jeeps.  (Maybe because I had the Tonka when I was a kid?)

Anyway, looks like plenty here to work with.  Not sure what it's worth when restored but my guess is the buy in price is a little high at $25K?

More pics of the actual car and less pics of Elvis and everyone else's restored cars would certainly improve the ad.




'63 Original Willy's Surrey Gala Jeep - DJ-3A - Very Rare - 1963
Runs Great - Very Low Mileage - Original Owner

"The Jeep" graduated from being a Utilitarian Workhorse in War and Peacetime, Eventually Becoming a Fun, Practical Vehicle for around town, at resorts, the beach and lakes. It became, in fact, something of a fashion statement and Willy's Jeep responded with "The Willy's Surrey Gala Jeep" (DJ-3A) a pert, cute, fashionable little Jeep in bright pastel colors wearing a jaunty surrey style top with fringed edges. Simple to drive, rugged and reliable, a Jeep Surrey was perfect for the beach or lake house. This model gained popularity as a "Fun Car" at resorts in Hawaii, Mexico, and islands in the Caribbean area.

Elvis owned a Pink Willy’s Surrey Gala Jeep just like this one but restored which is permanently on display at Graceland. He bought it shortly after returning from a stint in the army in 1960, it was on the set of his first film G.I. Blues and in the film "Fun in Acapulco" 1963 (Sample Pictures are posted of Elvis' Willy's Surrey and other Restored Willy's Surrey Gala Jeeps as Examples along with our un-restored Surrey). It is powered by Jeep's rugged little 134 cubic inch inline four-cylinder engine with three-speed manual transmission. It was festively finished in its original Pink and White color with Pink and White striped Surrey Top and spare tire cover (We still have the Surrey Top Frame). It was and still can be Cheeky, Cute and Fun! That would be a combination that's hard to beat. This is the Original 1963 Willy's Surrey Gala Jeep DJ-3A ready to be restored to its original glory. From 1959 to 1964, a little over 1000 Surrey Gala Packages were produced, it's hard to say how many are left especially ones that weren't used as "resort vehicles." Offered at $24,999 obo.

Call Jim @ 949-400-5315
Alternative Call or Text # @ 714-454-3009

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