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Lifter Adjusting Screw - Mid 1930's Chrysler

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I am looking for information and a source for adjusting screws for Chrysler lifters on flathead engines in the mid to late 1930's.  I have a 1932 Pontiac and when the engine was rebuilt the adjustors from a mid to late 30's Chrysler engine were used.  However, I do not have records of what year adjustor was used.  I just remember them being from the later 1930's.  The advantage of these is that they do not have the locking nut to hold their adjustment.  The Chrysler ones stay when adjusted.  I am working on the valve train on my 1930 Pontiac 6 and was thinking of replacing the adjustors with the Chrysler ones.  The adjustors for the Pontiac are 3/8" diameter, 7/8" to the bottom of the head and 1-1/16" overall length.  They are 24 threads per inch.  I have attached photos and dimensions of the lifters and adjustors.  

Any assistance finding these would will be greatly appreciatedl.  New or used would be fine.





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