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1938 Buick Special $45,000, Only One Like it in the Whole World!

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....or maybe not.




This vintage beauty is literally a super special order, a one of a kind not seen anywhere else on the entire world. Not even in a book with every Buick ever sold in the market. Do to this sedan having suicide doors and not having the common trunk back of 40 series Buick’s of that time period. $45,000.

Chris at 818-371-2088



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52 minutes ago, Matt Harwood said:

It's handsome and with the sidemounts it might be a little rare, but according to my trusty copy of "70 Years of Buick," it's a Special Sport Sedan with 11,341 built. 

Maybe the seller has good info on the other 11,340 cars? 😄

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4 hours ago, edinmass said:

take a look at the upholstery..........obviously the guy who picked it out was color blind


So you are an upholstery shop with a huge surplus of red velour. A guy comes in and wants his classic redone and isnt concerned about much beyond just the price. You see an opportunity to both reduce your inventory of unwanted stock and make a sale.  

Two birds, one stone.  😊

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14 hours ago, deac said:

Plainly put, it's not a $45,000 rarity.  It's a slant back Buick and remember it's only a special series 40! 

No, I have been putting a few 37-38's on here over the past 3 months and there was "truly" a nice slantback in Kansas I believe for if I remeber $17,000 or so and we all drooled over it.   It was much nicer than this one.  It's a shame that sellers waste everyone's time with $45,000 asking prices like this and ads which really don't "add" much to the sale interest.  

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This was our line up of cars on the 2013 BCA Pre-War After tour. Taken in front of the ACD museum. At the far end right was a 1937-47 with original paint and interior. My 1937-41 is 3rd from right.DSCF2467.thumb.JPG.3f0c5fd5e3775a7d7a9eedcba63eec8a.JPG


Our current BCA roster indicates 57  1937 model 47s are owned by members. I am sure there are some errors in that count but certainly more than 1 in existence!

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