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WTB: 1946-1948 Chrysler glove box door

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I always like original but I'll be happy with a reproduction if there is a source.  


Is anybody else interested in a reproduction?  I'm in contact with a car restoration shop that has experience with making custom plastic parts.  Message me if interested so I can get an idea of how many might want one.  Price seems reasonable. 


If anybody has one that isn't cracked that I can use as a model, that would very helpful.  I wouldn't need to keep it.  I'm going to gather some samples and draft the dimensions.  I have a samples of blue and red plastic for color but any other color would need to be matched.  First step is getting a good master made for the mold so if interested, please message me.  If this works out well I'm going to look at doing the door lock knobs and ashtray and maybe a few other parts.



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Its not just the glove box plastic that goes bad.

I would think that there may be a small market for the whole set up as I rarely see these cars with acceptable plastic all the way across, including the door pieces.

Oh yea, they came in a few different colors as well.



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