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1937 Buick Special Convertible Phaeton - export model breakdown

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I read once that 1689 1937 Special Convertible Phaeton Model 40C were made - of which 256 were export models (km/h etc).


Does anyone have production number breakdowns for this car? I wonder if the right hand drive (RHD) cars are included in the 256, and how many RHD were made? Thanks.

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According to the data that I have, you are almost correct on the numbers. There were 1689 1937 Buick Model 40C's produced domestically plus 256 1937 Buick Model 40CX's produced (the X denoting export models). The database does not specifically indicate if all of the 40CX were right hand drive but that would be my best guess.


I do not have access to any McLaughlin Buick of Canada production information, so there are a lot of different possibilities. I wish I had more information on this issue, but I have not ever seen any significant records regarding export models. I assume you have a right hand drive 1937 Buick 40C. Does the body data plate indicate that it was produced in the US or does it reflect that it was a McLaughlin Buick produced in Canada?


If you are not a member of the 36-38 Buick Club, I would suggest you check out the club website at: http://www.3638buickclub.org/. If you contact me through the contact the webmaster link on that site, or through a private message here on the forum and give me your email address, I will be happy to send you a sample .pdf copy of a recent club newsletter. 

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Matt,  I have a letter from GM of Canada outlining the production numbers of the 37 McLaughlin Buicks.

There is some interesting stuff in it.   Apparently no slope/slant backs, 2 door or 4 door, were made/branded as McLaughlins.

I don't think there were any closed top 60 series coupes,  only convertable rumble seats in the 60 series.

Yet I believe there were both types of coupes in the 40 series.

And yes,  there were right hand cars made for export.

Some model production numbers are very low.

Get a hold of me somehow if you want a copy.

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