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1953 Hudson Super Wasp paint codes

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Hello Group,


I own a 1953 Hudson Super Wasp and am attempting to locate the two tone paint codes, on the body. A code 27 is stamped on the upper hinge, which is identified as "Texas Tan". The top color is light colored, i.e.; "Honey Cream". However, I do not find a code stamped, which identifies the "Honey Cream".


Would anyone please point me to the location of the two tone color code(s) stamped on the vehicle?

Thank You, in advance, for your help.


Allen McInnish





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In my opinion your car was all Texas Tan from the factory with the two digit paint code stamped on the hinge. If the top were a different color there would be three digits (see code 140 in the second picture) stamped on the door hinge. The white top was added by someone later on. Info is from a 1953 Hudson master parts catalog.



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