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Problem is the tubing is 1/2" ID. I worked as a pipe fitter and bent a lot of tubing, but when you get to 1/2" especially with tight bends the bender would have to be mounted on a bench. I was hoping that there was a company that sold the offset tubes. Thanks, Mike 

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If you are using a soft material such as copper, the bender would not have to be anchored to a bench. I worked for a year on a paper mill in Wisconsin Rapids and bent a ton of stainless steel tubing that was used for lubrication of huge rollers. Trust me many of the pipe fitters that I worked laughed at the instructions that stated the 1/2" bender could be mounted on a work bench. Holding the bender, you could not even slightly bend the stainless tubing. I have also used an electricians bender to bend 1/2" soft copper, but in order to make neat bends that are close together, this tool will not work. So it depends on the material and how close the bends need to be.

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