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1950 Buick Straight 8 Lifter Question

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As part of a tune up of a 1950 Buick Estate Wagon, I noticed a lot of lifter noise... most likely from the car sitting so much.  I sourced new original Buick 

lifters but noticed on start up the front 2 lifters don't seem to pump up as quickly.  All of the lifters are new, and it is only the front 2 that seem to be 

making noise.  I did notice the engine sits a bit high in the front in the engine compartment... perhaps oil doesn't flow quite a quickly to the front and it 

just takes a bit longer for the front two lifters to build up oil in them.


I am a newbie with Buick straight eights... has anyone else experienced anything like this?  If so, what did you do to address the problem?


Thanks in advance for any help!


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Yes, I had the exact problem. After 2-3 months with the engine fully drained of oil and sitting idle for 2-3 months, it took nigh on 20 minutes of running for the 2 front lifters to fill up and quiet down when I eventually re-started it .


Gradually I could see all the rockers filling up with oil. I helped them by squirting oil around the lifters to  insure proper lubrication. I have the 283 stock straight eight in my 51 Super.


Patience was the solution.... at least this time.

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