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Antifreeze leak - 1930 chevy LR truck

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I’ve got a 1930 chevy LR truck that is leaking antifreeze out the back of 194 engine. Its hard to get my hand back there let alone see whats leaking. I’m guessing its a leaky frost plug but not sure.  Can anyone tell me if theres a plug in the center of the block just below head.  And is there a way to fix without taking motor out?  Thanks Ray


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The previous owner of my 31 fixed a leak there by hacking a hole in the cowl with an axe. I would not recommend that technique and would think you have to pull the motor. Might as well clean out the block and replace all the core plugs at the same time. A LR may be different and you have access?


You can see the plug in this picture if you enlarge it416526851_enginein.thumb.jpg.26694c3d41bb3a09225b642b0c669a22.jpg.





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yeah no way to easily access and replace the rear plug unless you pull the engine. in both my 1929 & 30 it is just at the top of where the toe board ends and metal begins.


you may be able to finanlge and work it without removing it, worth a try. not sure how much access and such you would need to remove and install.



freeze plug on Dave's Pict above



Freeze plug on my 1929 Chevrolet with floor & toe boards removed



freeze plug on back of my 1930 Chevrolet engine on crate



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On 11/20/2020 at 4:47 PM, Tinindian said:

I would think by removing the floor and toe boards and the starter pedal bracket you could R&R that core plug without any problem.  I would certainly try that before pulling the engine.

You are right! Took out the floor boards and it was easy to replace the plug. I used a 5 peso coin to replace plug. It fit like a glove! Thanks! Ray 

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