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V-12 value these days

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What's this worth?? Good question!  From past experience, it all depends if the block is cracked. Years ago I opened up  a '46  V12 that had sat out side  next to a

used car lot office. It turned out it was good and I did a complete rebuild and is still running today.  If it is cracked between the valves junk it and save all of the parts. If cracked  on outside water jackets,

it could possibly be repaired.  Perhaps $600---$800  PLUS SHIPPING! Best to pick up  No short cuts on rebuilding, The whole thing , from bare block out!--- Larry

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Most between the valve crack can be stitched and that would make the block usable. I have no idea as to the value of your block, but suggest that you remove the heads and intake to check for water damage and then you can provide good photos to help a prospective buyer evaluate the engine.


The value of a used engine depends upon condition, how anxious you are to sell it and how much demand there is for the engine. Put a price on it that you think is fair and then accept offers. There doesn't seem to be many people restoring the older cars these days, so there might not be much of a demand. Be prepared to hang onto it for a while or sell it to one of the people that supply parts to the hobby for what ever they offer you.


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I guess I bought it so thanks for all the responses. 

Im thinking of putting it in a boat. 

I wonder if anyone has ever made exhaust manifolds for marine use like they did for the Y block .

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Someone made at least 2 as I saw them in a wood boat at the Lake Geneva Wood Boat show around 2005. I am not a boat guy, so I don't know who made the boat, but it was not the usual Packard engine, so I looked closer and realized that there were 2 Zephyr V-12's in the engine bay. I took a photo of the boat and the installation but I cannot find it now.


Google Marine kit for Lincoln V12 and see what you get.

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