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Brake wheel cylinders.

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21 hours ago, Marshall Larson said:

I have two unused brass sleeved wheel cylinders for a 1928 12B and others for sale. Sleeving was done by White Post Restorations.


$170 including shipping.

I have original invoice from White Post showing $160 plus $20 for shipping.

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16 hours ago, Franklin31 said:

Unless they have changed; WP won't sleeve with anything else.  Their warranty won't allow DOT5.

 White Post is not the only brake rebuilder that sleeves with brass. Apple Hydraulics does the same.  And between the two of them, they probably do the majority of all antique vehicle brake re-sleeving.


It's a many decades old proven process that White Post got from the aircraft industry. Other rebuilders use it too.  I've been using brass sleeved masters and wheel cylinders for my customers for 40 years. Only problem I'm aware of was where one owner put it all together and the car sat for many months at a time in a damp climate. There was aluminum piston reaction with the brass because of not using brake assembly lube in the beginning. He cleaned the parts, used EIS brand brake assembly lube and the problem has never reappeared. That was over 30 years ago.  


And White Post is not the only ones that won't warranty brake parts with DOT5. Order a new brake pressure switch and in with it you will find a paper saying not to use DOT 5 with it.





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