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help ID this 1930's NYC Police Car

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Hello all - attached are two photos taken on Staten Island in 1941 that captured parts of the front and rear of an older NYC Police Car.  We are hoping that someone can help us identify it.  We think we've ruled out usual suspects Plymouth (don't believe they had headlights mounted horizontally) and Ford, and went through photos of a host of other makes without finding a match.  


Many thanks!

NYPD 4Y77-73(1).png

NYPD 4Y77-73(2).png

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Yes, 1939 went into the fenders but i think it was 1938 when the first cars had the headlights further back on the radiator and then they were moved farther front on the radiator to look more modern.  I’ll check on the great internet.

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22 minutes ago, Tinindian said:

1939   About 21,600,000 results (0.50 seconds) google search



The pictured 1939 Plymouth above appears to have aftermarket headlights -

as I recall, the '39 Plymouth had rectangular headlights with rounded corners,

unless Canadian versions differed from US models?

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Not an expert, but 37s Plymouths/all 37 Mopars will drive you nuts. They used a lot of 36 parts till they ran out at 4 or 5 locations, not counting the roll your own flavors for off shore /exports. The 37 Mopar parts book to include Canada) was published several times and reads like the Washington Fish and Game book of regulations. Before this serial number and build date, this plant /that model. So many contradictions and cavoites.  Then they got in this safety kick and changed the dash, mid year. Keeps me out of the Bars. 

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